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With a production site in the North of Italy and commercial offices in Milan and in Belgrade (Serbia), Haemopharm Healthcare has developed several innovative concepts for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Its product SAFE2, developed in partnership with SIAD Healthcare, is a double bag that has been specially created to improve the safety of stem cell samples during cryopreservation.

Produced in ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), this bag is suitable for long term storage in liquid nitrogen. The inside of the bag contains the samples while the outer bag protects the inner bag. The material offers high resistance and excellent flexibility.

Each bag is equipped with two ports in EVA with hermetically welded membrane to ensure the sterility during the freezing and defreezing operations. A special connector enables the connection between the EVA tube and the PVC connecting tube. The way that the connecting tube is designed to insert into the bag prevents potential damage to the bag walls.

A slit in the tube and the rounded corners of the inner bag also help to achieve complete bag drainage. The outer EVA sheet is also ribbed to make it easier to slide the inner bag inside the outer bag.

At the bottom of the bag there are two small housings for holding aliquot samples in vials or segments of tubes and for a label."



"SAFE2: developed for safe long-term storage of stem cell samples"


Oct 22, 2013 - CPhI Show Daily


"Haemopharm has recently developed a new method for cell separation that has the main target of recovering efficiently stem cells, using a unique composition of a liquid solution. The method allows the separation of different blood components through the contact of the blood with the liquid without centrifugation and with separation performed in a short time. This method allows particularly the specific aggregation of the red blood cells and their separation from the other blood components. It also allows the reinfusion of the needed stem cells back to a patient’s body, and therefore the liquid used has a high level of biocompatibility.

This development is an important achievement of Haemopharm’s Biotech division together with R&D, completing the company’s range of roducts for blood and stem cell storage and cryopreservation."



"Stem Cells As Drugs: Increasing Safety"

Oct 24, 2013 - CPhI Show Daily


"Haemopharm is present in the stem cell field with SAFE2, a double bag for cryopreservation of blood and tissues for stem cells use in transplantation and drugs.

Made of a special kind of EVA (Ethyl Vynil Acetate) film that has been studied for this purpose, it resists the harsh conditions of immersion in liquid Nitrogen at a temperature of –196°C for up to 20 years. It has gained more importance recently since stem cells have been defined suitable for use as drugs and grown in drug development for many applications, such as cancer treatment and tissue regeneration. SAFE2 has become interesting for many pharmaceutical players— beyond its traditional use in cryoconservation of umbilical cord blood and tissue for private use and for donation, managed in blood banks, private and public.

SAFE2 has been developed in partnership with Siad Healthcare, and includes a range of bags suitable for the cryopreservation of stem cells, cord blood, tissues, and bone."



"Stem Cell Preservation"

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